Celebrity Island gets complaints after 'cruel' crocodile killing

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The death of a crocodile on Celebrity Island 2017 has resulted in complaints.

The latest episode of the show saw the celebrities tackle a baby caiman crocodile after a week without a proper meal.

Actor Ryan Thomas and Olympian & broadcaster Iwan Thomas put themselves forward to capture the croc in what proved to be a long, dawn out process.

The show was proceeded by warnings of the scenes, and the celebs had been trained how to humanely dispatch crocodiles.

However they struggled to get the animal out of the water, leading to arguments between the stars.

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After an hour of bickering, Iwan and Ryan finally managed to humanely kill the crocodile with a knife and return it to camp.

The reaction from the celebs were mixed. While some cried, Iwan and Ryan declared their ‘pride’ as they hugged one another.

On Twitter and many watching were rather upset.

“That poor poor crocodile! This is so awful! 🙁 #CelebrityIsland #bye,” one wrote.

Another reacted: “I’m sorry but why the f**k have they just killed a crocodile?!?! Really needed for our entertainment?! Disgusting #CelebrityIsland”

And a third agreed: “#CelebrityIsland is too much. Killing a baby crocodile for the second year in a row is not entertainment for me 😒”

And some described the scenes as “cruel”.

“I’m not a vegetarian but I find it so cruel killing that croc for the sake of ” reality tv ” #celebrityisland,” one viewer tweeted.

“So cruel #CelebrityIsland no need for entertainment!” a second added.

Others however supported the celebs, including Lucy and Shazia who prepped the night’s dinner.

“Fair play to @lucy_meck for gutting a crocodile!!!! 😱👏🏼 #CelebrityIsland,” posted one viewer.

A total of eleven complaints have been made officially to TV Watchdog Ofcom, The Sun reports.

Elisa Allen, Director PETA UK, told the newspaper: “Caimans are shy animals, and this one was a baby.

“They’re not a threat to humans, so taking a life for the shock value is shameful and cowardly and shows that the only real predators on this programme are the miserable celebrities and producers.”

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Elsewhere on this week’s show, Celebrity Island proved too much for RJ, who quit after eight days.

“I feel like everyone here is really disorganised, and, as a group, we’re very dysfunctional and I don’t see it changing,” he said. “My only choice is to leave the island.”

Celebrity Island continues next Tuesday night at 9:15PM on Channel 4.

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