Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding's 'special treatment' revealed

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Sarah Harding received special treatment on Celebrity Big Brother, according to Sam Thompson.

The Made In Chelsea star finished third behind Amelia Lily and Sarah who won in last month’s final.

And he claims that the Girls Aloud singer got extras while living in the house that others didn’t.

Sam revealed this week: “I know she was the big star, but were a few contract things that she had that we didn’t, like she was assigned her own bed, lots of princessy things.

“She’d get cigarettes on demand which no one else was allowed, and she’d say things that were bad on her and then go up the the diary room and come back down and say ‘well that’s not gonna get used now’.

“I don’t even think that happened as Big Brother is a fair show. I think she did it to get one up on us.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Sam went on to say he had even heard stories that the voting on the final night was ‘rigged’ for Sarah.

“I know there’s been some talk about it being fixed for Sarah to win, with her’s being the only phone line that was working,” he said.

Sam explained: “I’m not going to delve into it as I loved Celebrity Big Brother and it was amazing for me, but I did receive about 100 tweets from people saying they couldn’t get through to my phone line, and I did think it was odd that Sarah won and got booed.

“I think Amelia should have won it. She was the best person in the house, a permanent force of good.”

Celebrity Big Brother will return to TV in the new year on Channel 5.

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