X Factor's Sharon Osbourne takes aim at The Voice UK: 'You can't judge on voice alone'

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The X Factor's Sharon Osbourne has taken aim at The Voice UK and branded its contestants "toads".

As The X Factor auditions get underway, Sharon has fired shots at the rival talent show and branded it a "gimmick".


But the music manager confessed she'd happily sign up to sit in the spinning red chairs if she wasn't on The X Factor.

"The Voice is a gimmick with the twisty chairs. I love the judges and if I was asked to do it and didn’t have The X Factor, course I’d do it," Sharon said. "But you cannot judge talent on voice alone because if Mick Jagger was up there nobody would turn around."

She explained: “It’s not just about the voice. They have all these toads up there and I’m sorry half of them are backing singers.


“That’s why no stars have come from the show.”

Speaking earlier this month, Sharon claimed that having a good voice was simply not enough: "You have to have a bit of everything. You’ve got to be able to entertain, to connect with an audience.


"You can stand up there and have the best voice in the world but if you don’t show anything, if you’re blank, it’s nothing."

She continued: "Some people come and sing but they’re not connecting, not even looking at me. So how can I be invested in you when I don’t know who you are, I’ve no idea.

"You’re just standing there like a lump of ice? What do I take away from that?

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"Yeah they can sing, but it’s like watching paint dry. You can give people the benefit of the doubt, they’re nervous, inexperienced, so you put them through but say next time you want them to connect.


"Then you see them the second time and they don’t, I’m like, ‘Nope’. I get really frustrated with it."

The X Factor continues on ITV this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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