Celebs in Solitary: Line up revealed for Channel 5's 'anti-social experiment'

Celebs in Solitary celebrities line up and air date

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Celebrity Big Brother may be over for the year but fear not, as a new all star social experiment is on its way.

Or, as Channel 5 are dubbing it, an ‘anti social experiment’.

In the new series which begins tonight, celebrities take part in what is basically a solo version of Big Brother.

It follows a version involving members of the public last week.

They’ll be locked up in a room full of cameras with no access to the outside world.

They’ve got a bed, toilet, food and drink plus a whiteboard but nothing else.

Three familiar faces on the challenge to spend five days in solitary confinement, without their phones, internet or any human contact whatsoever.

As well as the cameras filming every minute, they’ll be monitored by a team of experts led by psychologist Pauline Rennie-Peyton.

In tonight’s opening episode we meet the participants: Musician and documentary maker Professor Green, TV presenter Anthea Turner, strongman Eddie Hall and comedian Shazia Mirza.

They enter their respective ‘pods’ where they’ll be confined for the rest of the week.

A giant red ‘panic button’ is attached to the wall which when pressed will release them immediately.

“They’re aiming to do five days and five nights but just how long do you reckon you could last for? asks host George Lamb.

Celebs In Solitary: The Anti-Social Experiment airs tonight (Tuesday, September 11) at 9PM on Channel 5.

The show continues Tuesday and Wednesday night this week at 9PM.

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