Sarah Harding doesn't regret cheating on her boyfriend in Celebrity Big Brother

Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding.

Sarah Harding says she doesn't have any regrets after leaving Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

It was Sarah who won Celebrity Big Brother 2017 on Friday night, beating Amelia Lily in the final vote.


But despite leaving the winner, she also left to a mixed crowd reaction including boos.

Sarah had a turbulent time in the house and much of the nightly highlights shows focused on her relationship with fellow housemate Chad Johnson.

The pair even declared themselves official boyfriend and girlfriend just three weeks into the series, despite Sarah already having a partner on the outside.

Speaking this weekend after leaving, Sarah said she had no regrets.

"At the end of the day I was in a very brief relationship before I went into the house," Sarah told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper. "It was a matter of weeks, so it wasn't very serious."

Speaking about Chad, Sarah went on: "Every day in the house is like a week and Chad became a good friend to me and we got close. It felt like we'd known each other for six months.


"So I had to weigh up the options. And you can't compare what me and Chad had to dating someone briefly."

The Girls Aloud star explained that entering in a relationship with Chad during CBB was a "very careful consideration."

She explained: "It wasn't taken lightly… I'm not that kind of person," she said. "I was in a very unfortunate situation where I wasn't in a position to deal with it properly."

And Sarah added: "I never regret. I don't like to look back on my life and have regrets. I don't look back in hindsight. It's too late.


"In life the only thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and maybe next time approach it differently."

Whether or not Chad and Sarah, who live 3,000 miles apart on different continents, will last the distance remains to be seen.

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