The Only Way Is Essex exec says 'structured reality' format is "here to stay"

The Only Way Is Essex

The Only Way is Essex producer Daran Little has said he believes the show's 'structured reality' format is here to stay. Speaking after the hit ITV2 series won a BAFTA last night, Little said the reality TV spin-off format will likely see plenty new series over the coming years.

"I was a series producer on [TOWIE], I also story produce Made In Chelsea," he said, referring to the new E4 show to rival TOWIE.


He continued: "I actually think structured reality is here to stay. It doesn't have to be highbrow, it's entertaining. If it's funny and it's good drama and people watch it, I think it's got a right to be [on television]."

Similar reality shows such as Geordie Shore will launch later this year, hoping to attract a slice of the audience 'Essex' has created here in the UK.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Little added: "I was a bit bemused to see [the cast] arrive in horse and carriages, but I think my Chelsea lot will come next year in Rolls Royces."

Fellow TOWIE producer Nicky Hegarty commented: "I think reality doesn't just mean 20-somethings from Essex. Reality could be anything. So I think you could probably do this with every type of age group, genre. It's not really been explored yet, but I think anything's possible after this. 11 months ago we sat down with a blank sheet of paper and now we've got a BAFTA."

The Only Way is Essex returns to ITV2 later this year. Geordie Shore starts tomorrow night on MTV.


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