Celebrity Big Brother 2017 results: Just 5% split Amelia Lily and Sarah Harding

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Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 result was closer than we might have expected.

After 25 days inside the house, the six finalists all left tonight and the voting stats are in.


It was Sarah who won Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in the live show, beating Amelia Lily in the final vote.

As we saw in the two hour final, first out this evening in sixth place was Jemma Lucy following the first vote freeze of the evening.

Chad Johnson then followed her out the door before Derek Acorah said goodbye and Sam Thompson left in third place.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017 finalists
Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017 finalists

That resulted in a head to head race for the win between Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily and once the final vote had closed, host Emma Willis went to the house to announce Sarah as the winner.

While Sarah's victory wasn't a surprise - she had been the favourite for a while - Amelia was very close behind.

5% split the pair with Sarah attracting 35% of the final vote to Amelia's 30%.


The girls were WAY ahead of the rest of the field: Third placed Sam had 15% of the vote.

Derek finished in fourth place with 9% while Chad and Jemma were neck and neck on 5%.

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The vote had originally opened on Tuesday before freezing on Wednesday night. At this point Shaun Williamson had the fewest votes, accounting for 1% of the total cast by the end of Friday's live show.

sarah boos

Sarah's victory proved divisive with the Girls Aloud star getting BOOED by some members of the audience as she left the house tonight.


But clearly she has plenty of fans out there having taken the crown plus the £50,000 charity prize.

Are you happy with tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 results? Did the right person win? Tell us in the comments below!

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