Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Here's what happened on the final day

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson.

Here is your final update from the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house with tonight's final highlights.

In tonight's show, before the winner is revealed, the housemates gather in the garden to watch some of their highlights, and they talk about their experience for the final time in the diary room.


Derek says: “Big Brother has brought me to a massive, big reality check. Without being in Big Brother and walking the experience of Big Brother, that may never have happened. To be the winner, that would be a bonkers miracle.

Sarah says: “It’s been a ride and a half. I never expected to end up meeting somebody in here. To come first in something like this, it would be a dream come true.”

Chad says: “Something happened between me and Sarah, which I could never have foreseen in a million years. We just kind of had something grow over the time that we’ve been here.

"I’m definitely excited to see where that goes when we get out of here. I think winning Celebrity Big Brother would give me the opportunity to be able to finally live my life.”

Sam says: “I can’t believe I’m the one sitting here, and not at home watching it. No one can ever take that away from me. I’ve sat in the Big Brother chair! It’s a dream. Winning this whole thing… I can’t even imagine it.”

Jemma says: “I’ve learnt about myself in the Big Brother house. I’ve learnt a lot of self control, a lot of discipline. Trust me, a year ago I would have acted a lot different. I’d be so grateful to everyone who has picked up the phone for me. I really am grateful. If I won, I would take the crown proudly.


Amelia says: “I just wanted to make the most of every single day in here, and I’m so pleased that is what I’ve done. There are no words to describe how it would feel to win”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight live from 9PM with Emma Willis on Channel 5.

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