Love Island winner Kem Cetinay denies 'assaulting' fellow contestant in pub punch up

Love Island 2017: Kem

Love Island winner Kem Cetinay has denied the suggestion that he assaulted a fellow contestant.

Kem has hit out at claims linking him to a pub punch up involving Rykard Jenkins, who appeared on last year's series.


Rykard had posted a picture of his bloodied face on Twitter and blamed Kem and his friends for it, saying he was beaten for flirting with Kem's girlfriend Amber Davies.

"this is @KemCetinay and his boys. #safe," Rykard tweeted.

He alleged in a series of messages: "So @KemCetinay and his boys just attacked me because apparently I was flirting with Amber.

love island Rykard Jenkins
Rykard Jenkins

"I stood there took the beatings and went home. But in my eyes they are all pussys. One on one let's go boys.

"It takes more than 4 geezers punching me in the head to knock me out."

He then quipped, referring to his Love Island co-star girlfriend Rachel Fenton: "Honestly Kent boy through and through. Going home to the misses lucky she's a nurse."

However Kem was quick to hit back, denying any involvement in what went down.

“I have just woken up and seen all this madness," he said in a statement posted to Twitter. “I am literally so gutted about this situation that took place outside the club.

Love Island 2017: Amber and Kem
Love Island: Amber and Kem

“Firstly that someone got hurt but secondly that my name got dragged into something which I had absolutely nothing to do with myself… the launch was the biggest night of my career which I spent with Amber and my family undertaking press and interviews.


“The situation will be dealt with by the club and I hope all is resolved but it’s upsetting that this violence has been used on my night with my family around me.”

He then added to his followers: "Thank you guys for still supporting and defending me as it's so easy to jump conclusion and assume what you hear is true🙏🏾"

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