Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson to get back with his ex after ditching Amelia Lily?

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As Sam Thompson cools off his Celebrity Big Brother fling with Amelia Lily, could a reunion with his ex girlfriend follow?

Sam split from his Made In Chelsea girlfriend Tiffany Watson just before the summer ahead of him heading into Celebrity Big Brother.


Sam's pal Ryan Libbey - who is dating Sam's sister Louis Thompson - thinks Sam and Tiff will reunite.

"As far as I know, they're still on a break," Ryan told new! magazine, "I really, really want them to get back together and Louise is the same. We love those two being together.

"They complement each other so well and it would be nice for them to put all that's happened over the summer behind them and come back together once he's out of the house."

As for Tiffany herself, she said: ""I can imagine he'll be in a different headspace [when he leaves] so we'll wait a bit before we speak to each other again.

"He'll be really busy and I'm really busy as well. But who knows? He might call me straight away."

She said of a possible reunion: "We'll see. We've been together for three years, but it's getting really stressful."


In tonight's show, Amelia was left raging with Sam after a number of ex housemates return to the house and suggested that she was being played by Sam.

Paul spoke to Amelia about her situation with Sam before Brandi also gave Amelia relationship advice about Sam. Brandi told her “It’s not coming across as genuine, even to his best friend.”

Amelia later confronted Sam about what people had been telling her.

She told Sam: "I've been made out to look like a mug. Why are you taking the p*** out of me? I look desperate apparently."


"I'm not desperate, I think you're a really nice guy."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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