Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding argues with Chad Johnson AGAIN

Sarah Harding.

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson kick off in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

In this evening's episode, Chad and Sarah have an argument about how to promote their relationship on the outside world.


It follows Sarah getting booed in the live show, which she puts down to viewers being jealous of her relationship with Chad.

"I'm being hated for being with you" Sarah complains at Chad.

"But why are you fighting with me? What did I do" he responds.

"You're telling me I'm portraying my image all wrong, so how I do market myself?" Sarah says.

Sarah then storms off as Chad sits alone confused in the smoking area.


Shortly later however, Sarah and Chad are in bed together, and she apologises for their argument. She says she has been damaged and they kiss.

Elsewhere in tonight's Jemma and Sarah are talking in the bedroom and Jemma asks her “So have you and Chad spoken about what you are going to do?”, with Sarah responding “I think he’s going to hang in London until his visa runs out so he’s going to stick around and figure something out.

"I just think if we managed to get through this, in the real world, we should be alright, because we have obviously tried to reign a lot in, in here with the cameras following us all the time.

"Yeah we definitely want to carry on, or I wouldn’t have risked. I have just sold my house, I have taken an offer on my house and I want a fresh start from all the sh*t I have had to deal with. All my friendship circles are all related to my ex fiancé and it’s too small.”.

Meanwhile Chad and Sarah get flirty in the kitchen.

Chad joking tells her “you suck!” and Sarah responds cheekily “no I don’t, not here I don’t!” to which Chad flirtily tuts at her and says “naughty”, to which Sarah says, “your time will come Mr.” Chad asks Sarah “When will my time come” to which Sam leans over to the couple and tells them “I’m enjoying this conversation. So your time Sir, will come, probably after the wrap party.”

Chad jokes “It’ll could be a long day, it might be a hard time, but in the end I think we will find that things just come to work out”, to which Sarah says “I’m getting into my pyjamas, I can’t cope”.

Chad Johnson.
Chad Johnson.

Jemma talks tos Chad about Sarah and asks him “I bet you can’t wait to have sex with Sarah? How excited are you about that?”, with Chad responding, “I’m excited to be in the real world, doing real world things.”


Jemma says “Are you confident you are going to perform well? You’re going to come in 10 seconds.” To which Chad say’s “No I’m not” and he goes on to explain he has a tactic to ensure it will go well.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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