Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates get VERY messy in latest task

messy task cbb

The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates got very messy in their latest task yesterday.

Ahead of the latest live eviction show, Big Brother gathered the then remaining nine housemates in the living area.


"Today is Taco Tuesday in the Big Brother house," Big Brother announced, "You'll be split into teams of three in a fast food challenge of epic proportions."

Shaun Williamson was provided with instructions, reading out: "Housemates must wear all of the costume items provided."

One member of each team had to dress as a taco while the other two had to gear up as fast food workers.

Chad Johnson found his outfit rather too revealing.

"I want $500,000 cash in a bag... you want full D you gotta pay to see," he told Big Brother.


Chad continued: "Is it better to tuck it so it looks like I have no d**k or do I just show full d**k?

"You know what I mean?

"There's only two choices, full d**k or no d**k."

Sam Thompson then quipped: "Basically Chad's got a small penis."

Once everyone was finally dressed in their giant taco outfits, housemates were explained the rules of the task by Big Brother.

The housemates had to make disgusting human-sized tacos working as teams by first filling up their outfits with fish guts, then cheese and finally tomatoes.

After mixing the ingredients in their outfits, the housemates had to pour the contents into measuring tubs.


You can watch a clip of the nasty task in the video above.

Tune in to Wednesday night's highlights show for the full highlights.

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