Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jemma Lucy kicks off at Chad Johnson over Sarah Harding


Jemma Lucy has kicked off at Chad Johnson over his intimacy with Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

It began as Jemma took aim at Chad for 'secluding' himself and Sarah from the rest of the group.


"You guys are secluding yourselves so much," Jemma said.

Chad hit back, claiming that the rest of the house were the ones secluding themselves (?!).

"You're secluding yourselves and you're having a conversation that we're not allowed in," Chad claimed.

"I'm not laying all over them, kissing them, making other people feel..." Jemma replied, "Do you want to go in there now and ask everybody if they feel uncomfortable when it's just you and Sarah?"

"We're up for eviction every time so it doesn't matter," Chad said.


"So you don't have to respect other people just because you're up for eviction?" asked Jemma.

Chad hit back: "Why don't you respect us. Why don't you ask Sarah how she's doing?"

"I don't give a f**k about Sarah, that's why. But I ask you, I speak to you," Jemma explained. "When you're sitting in that smoking area and you're all over her, some people - not me, you could be f**king her and I wouldn't give a f**k - but some people feel uncomfortable.

"They feel as though you're having an intimate moment and they cannot go and sit there and enjoy themselves."

But Chad responded: "That's not called secluding yourselves. It's called living your life. I like to live my life and as long as it doesn't affect people too much. I don't upset others..."

"I just told you have!" Jemma snapped.

"Well it's their fault then," Chad concluded.

Jemma Lucy.
Jemma Lucy.

After advising Chad to "tone it down", Jemma branded Chad a "d**k" before walking away.


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

This evening sees the latest live eviction show with six housemates - including both Chad and Sarah - facing the axe.

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