Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Has Sarah Harding ruined her chances of winning?

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson.

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 saw Sarah Harding once again all over the place.

Following this evening's highlights, a lot of people really aren't quite sure what to make of what went down.


In the latest episode, Sarah Harding got into a nasty row with Chad Johnson seemingly out of nowhere.

"Listen to me, I've been in this business fifteen f**king years, you're just starting out," she told him. "You're just starting out mate, don't f**king ake the p***."

"What is your drama?" a puzzled Chad asked. "What did I do so bad. Why are you mad at me?"

Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson.
Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson.

Although the pair quickly made up - and then made out in the bedroom - some think Sarah could be ruining her chances of winning.

The Girls Aloud star is currently the favourite with just days to go until the final on Friday.

Recent BBUK housemate Rebecca Jane‏ tweeted: "'I've been in this business 15 years and you're going to f'ing listen' the line that nailed the coffin for Sarah not winning BB #cbb"


And last year's BB housemate Ryan Ruckledge‏ agreed: ""Sarah yor doing so well" 😂 Said absoloutley no one ever! Her friend bare faced lying, the whole country thinks ur losin the plot love #CBB"

Ex On The Beach's Zahida Allen‏ took aim: "What glue is Sarah Harding sniffin 'I've been in the industry for 15 years' what u done after the 2nd st Trinians about 10 yr ago m8 #CBB"

Others took Sarah's outburst rather more seriously.

One viewer opined: "How is Sarah Harding allowed to talk to Chad like that, if a man spoke to his girlfriend like that he would be kicked out! #CBB"

Another agreed: "Sorry but if a man spoke to a woman the way Sarah's speaking to Chad, he'd have been kicked out by now. She needs some serious help #CBB"

Has Sarah blown her chances just before the final?

Chad Johnson  and Sarah Harding.
Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding.

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Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

The final airs this Friday night at 9PM.

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