Celebrity Big Brother housemates face tough dilemmas as friends and family enter

Derek Sarah

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been given the chance to hear from friends and family.

But it will come at a cost.


The latest twist is all part of the on-going task involving The Vault.

On Saturday, Big Brother gathered the housemates in The Vault and announced: "Housemates, welcome to Big Brother's VAULT. A place, where over the next few days, you will be making some very big decisions.

"One by one, you will be brought to The Vault, where you and you alone will have some difficult choices to make. The only way to be released from The Vault is by locking in your answers using the deposit boxes in front of you."

The housemates' first decisions in The Vault were nominations which played out on the show tonight.

Today in the house, The Vault task continued as housemates each faced some tough decisions.


Jemma Lucy was called to The Vault and told: "Big Brother has provided each housemate with their own deposit box. Inside is something very valuable to them. Contact with a loved one.

"Yours is open and inside a letter from your sister Lulu. Whether or not you receive the contents of your box is up to you."

Big Brother explained that in order for Jemma to receive her letter, she had to sacrifice the contents of another deposit box, randomly selecting Derek's.

Jemma said: "I know h w much Derek loves his wife and I know he'd love his letter.

"Me and my sister are very close but she lives in Sydney so I'm used to not hearing from her... but I want my letter, Derek's going to see his wife on Friday I'm not going to see my sister until next year."

Also visiting The Vault was Sarah Harding, who took the contents of her deposit box, a visit from her friend.

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"You're doing amazing, you're being amazing. Stay strong," Sarah's friend said before asking her about Chad.


"I just want to take things one step at a time but this isn't real," Sarah said.

The task highlights and fallout will air in Sunday night's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

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