Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoiler: Latest nominations begin

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A brand new nominations twist has kicked off on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

It was Paul Danan and Brandi Glanville who were evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2017 last in a double eviction.


They had faced the axe alongside Helen Lederer and Derek Acorah following a new nominations twist this week where Sarah Harding and Sam Thompson had to make 'killer nominations'.

The double exit leaves us with nine housemates - but not for long.

Another TWO will get the boot in next Tuesday's live eviction with nominations taking place today (Saturday).

Big Brother gathered the housemates in The Vault and announced: "Housemates, welcome to Big Brother's VAULT. A place, where over the next few days, you will be making some very big decisions

One by one, you will be brought to The Vault, where you and you alone will have some difficult choices to make. The only way to be released from The Vault is by locking in your answers using the deposit boxes in front of you.


"Your first decision starts right now. It's time to nominate."

The results of the latest nominations will be revealed over the weekend.

But Sam Thompson has already revealed to Big Brother he can't wait to nominate.

"I really, really, really.. Don't care," he said in the Diary Room of the upcoming nominations. "I mean we all, we've all gone, sort of far enough, to you know what I mean now.

"So it can't get any harder than seeing Jordan leave or being the guy who made Paul go. It can't get any harder than that, do you know what I mean?"

Sam continued: "So I think I've got it pretty easy now till the end. In terms of nominations if I'm honest. They're not bad people, not bad people at all but I mean I definitely have people that I would, that I like the least that I like less than other people.

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"And, I feel like those people won't even be voted out either. So I'll be able to keep doing it until whenever I leave. So I think I don't really have any hard decisions to make."


Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

The double live eviction airs Tuesday from 9PM with host Emma.

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