Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jemma Lucy opens up about her 'tearaway' past


Jemma Lucy opens up about her childhood on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

In the latest episode, Jemma speaks to Amelia and Brandi about being a child tearaway.


She candidly confesses: “I just kept getting kicked out of schools. They just thought I needed to go somewhere to get fixed basically. So they sent me to this place in America, but I was told in England that I was going on a skiing holiday.

"I got tricked, 100%, I got lied to. So I just did the programme how I was meant to, I get in a few little bits of trouble along the way but only little things. "

Jemma continues: "Whilst I was in the camp right, my mum went through my suitcase and threw away anything she didn’t like. She threw away my thongs as she said I shouldn’t be wearing thongs at 15.

"She threw away half of my bikinis because they were too skimpy. She threw away my jeans because she thought they were too tight. The trauma that I suffered after that, I didn’t leave England for two years, I was too scared.” Brandi tells Jemma, “That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard.”

Elsewhere in tonight's show, housemates are gathered on the sofas to find out who will be the fourth housemate to leave the Big Brother house. Emma announces to the house that Brandi has the fewest votes and must leave. It is then revealed that Paul is fifth to be evicted.


Sam asks Jemma if she’s happy that Paul has gone, she says “The problem I had with Paul is that I didn’t like him deep down, but I could still get on with him.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5 and 9PM on 5Star.

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