Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson get flirty

Amelia Lily.

Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson get close again in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

However that long awaited kiss is still yet to come.


In this evening's episode, the pair flirt on the sofas as Amelia tells Sam; “I’m having such a good time in here, a lot of it is to do with you being in here…

"I’m just embarrassing myself, it’s cheesy! You entertain me that’s why I like you, you make me laugh…I think you’re good to look at.”

Sam smiles; “So are you…”

He goes on: "Even if doesn't work out exactly how I think it will..."

"I'll give you a few weeks to sort your s**t out," Amelia says.


"I think I know how to treat a girl now, I'm bored of people thinking I'm a d**k," Sam replies.

"No matter what happens on your end of the scale, I'm so glad I met you," Amelia concludes.

The pair's latest flirting comes after Sam's ex-girlfriend Tiffany Watson claimed he wasn't over her.

"Amelia is a nice girl and she’s being respectful and I’m a fan of her," Tiffany told The Sun newspaper, "She knows Sam’s not over his last girlfriend. And he’d never get into a showmance.

“He hates when people are being fake.”

Sam and Amelia's blossoming romance was once again up for discussion on the show earlier this week.

Paul Danan encouraged Sam to make a move on Amelia and finally kiss her.

Sam replied: “The thing is I am just so worried about making things… a relationship. Where’s the line in this house?”

Paul continued: “The line is you just become good friends and you have a little kiss when it’s possible, and that’s it, no dizzle”.

Sam and Tiff
Sam and Tiff

Sam says “Yes no dizzle mate, but even the kiss makes things a relationship.”


Paul advised: “No it doesn’t it just makes you say to each other, I like you, I like you, I’d like to see what the lips and the mouth do together, and if it’s that boom kiss, that connection, that wow, it is true, it is real, a kiss is everything, it’s all about the kiss.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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