Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sarah Harding and Brandi Glanville kick off!

Sarah and Brandi.

Sarah Harding and Brandi Glanville kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house last night.

The pair got involved in the latest row to rock the house, although it originally started as a chat between Chad Johnson and Brandi.


Apparently, Brandi had called Chad stupid and he wasn't happy.

Chad told Brandi: "My entire life I've been miserable. I've opened hundreds of businesses all of which failed. Everything i have in my entire life I have earned. I have f**king earned. I've f**king studied, read, opened businesses, failed.

"I've worked 15 careers and worked for every penny so don't you dare insinuate that I'm stupid. You need to quit that s**t 'cause it's really annoying."

Chad added: "I've had nothing in my life. Everything I have is because I worked my f**king arse off."

"I apologise for that, it was just a joke," Brandi replied.


"It's ridiculous, it's really old," Chad added.

Sarah then piped up: "I think you're a comedian you should be that funny" before running away.

"Why do you always start a conversation then run away" quizzed Brandi as she walked after Sarah.

You're always bringing my name into stuff, I'm over it Brandi," Sarah hit back.

The pair then shouted over one another across the living area as Brandi followed Sarah to the bedroom.

"You're on Big Brother you have to participate", Brandi said.

As Sarah hid in the bedroom, Brandi complained: "She f**king throws a dig and then runs away like a little b***h."


Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother sees a double eviction where either Sarah or Brandi will be up for the axe.


A flash vote will decide which two of the four still to be confirmed nominees will face the public vote.

Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 live show airs at the earlier than usual time of 8:30PM this evening. Bit on The Side follows at 11PM.

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