Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 15 recap and highlights


Here are all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house highlights.

In tonight's show, Sarah is emotional after the argument from the night before and apologises to Amelia for upsetting her.


Paul tells Sarah she should have said no to the kissing game after it upset her the night before. He says “You should have said no, ‘I’d rather you not kiss Chad’, you should have just said it. You should have just owned it and said like, do you know what, we are friends and I don’t think it’s right”.

Shaun talks to Big Brother in the diary room and says “There are some factions, there is the youth faction, the elder faction, the Sarah and Chad faction. Sarah and Chad are now an item so they go to the drinks when they come out and Sarah will get two drinks for herself and two for Chad.

"Then later on Chad will go and get two for him and two for Sarah. I don’t like it when a couple gets together in the house, they have something then that none of the other housemates have.”

Sam and Paul.
Sam and Paul.

Jemma talks to Paul, Sam and Jordan about her kiss with Chad from the Spin the Bottle game. Jordan says: “I think Chad enjoyed that" and Sam adds: “He loved it, we asked him, we were in the kitchen with him and he was like 'yea mate, not the worst".

Jemma tells the boys: "I'm not being second best" to which Jordan says: "But he's the Chad, Jemma, if you were drunk and Sarah left, come on, he's the Chad" and Jemma confirms “I would kiss him again”.

Chad and Sarah are cuddling in the garden and Chad asks her “Did you leave my bed last night and then come back?” and Sarah responds “No I just stayed until I got sleepy and then I just got in my bed.”


Chad says “I fell asleep and then I woke up to you kissing me” to which Sarah says “I can’t remember, I was just saying goodnight, I think I said I am going to bed, I just needed a cuddle”. Chad responds “Just one cuddle? Ok great well I only have three cuddles per night, you have to ration my cuddles and you took about 1.3 cuddles.”

Brandi and Jemma talk in the bathroom about Sarah and her relationship status. Brandi says: “she’s playing the victim”.

Jemma continues “She’s playing the whole thing down because she’s saying I’ve only been with him 4 weeks but on the very first day I asked her about him and she told me she was in love with him and they’ve said I love you, that’s deep sh*t.

Sandi comforts an emotional Sarah in the garden while she’s crying. Sandi tells her “You can not make anybody happy, not unless you’re happy inside.” Sarah replies, “I feel like I’m hurting somebody I can’t speak to, or talk to.”

The housemates take part in a battle of the ages task where the millennials face the elders in a traditional Pub Quiz, with the Millennials winning.

Housemates gather for the eviction and Jordan is evicted. The chants from the live audience are audible as housemates can hear them chanting “Get Sarah out”.

Sarah is upset and says to Chad “I’m not going out to stuff like that, I’d rather walk.

Jemma and Chad talk in the garden. Jemma tells him, “We’re just shouting back at each other. That’s all it is. Me and Sarah get on fairly well, but drunk…no.”


Sam and Paul are talking about Amelia. Paul tells him: “You’ve just got to do that, you’ve got to make that move.” Sam says: “The thing is I am just so worried about making things… a relationship. Where’s the line in this house?”

Chad and Brandi are in the kitchen talking about Sarah and Chad admits Sarah is “worried about how things are coming off” and Brandi tells him “well its coming off exactly how it’s presented and I think it flipped a switch when you went into cuddle moment, and no-ones buying it.”

Brandi and Jemma make a mess in the bathroom with cleaning products on the mirrors, spelling out ‘SNAKES’ and ‘F*CK YOU’.

Sarah is in the bedroom talking to Paul and Chad, talking about what Brandi has been telling Chad.

Chad gets frustrated and storms out of the bedroom to go to the diary room. Paul tells Sarah “I don’t know how he can handle all of this”.

Chad tells Big Brother in the diary room that he feels Paul is “Thirsty for camera time, he just dives into every single conversation and situation he can find himself in.”

Sarah and Chad are in the smoking area, Chad says: “I don’t know what the f**k is going on in this house…”

In the kitchen, Sandi is letting off steam to Paul and Amelia after discovering that Brandi and Jemma had messed up the bathroom; “They are taking the p*ss! It’s petty! It’s disgusting!” Paul advises Sandi to talk to pair; “Tomorrow we’re having a house meeting!”

Chad and Jemma.
Chad and Jemma.

In the bedroom, Amelia and Sam are talking about Sarah, Sam states; “Princess mate! Our experience of her in here is meant to revolve around her, and it’s always going to be like that…

"I kinda expected maybe, her to have a reality check and come and speak to the people that she may have p*ssed off.” Amelia confirms that Sarah apologised to her


Sarah and Chad are in the kitchen where the pair argue over their relationship.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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