Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 14 recap and highlights

Jemma and Amelia.

Here are all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights.

At the top of tonight's show, Paul, Shaun and Helen are talking about the upcoming eviction in the kitchen. Brandi and Jemma then walk in and start to talk to Paul. Jemma says; “Oh! Still getting the silent treatment. It’s quite childish ignoring someone when you’re going to call them names.”


Paul walks away and to the garden, he asks Sandi; “Can you tell her to f**king stay away from me, please, Sandi?” Sandi walks into the kitchen to pass on Paul’s request to Jemma. Jemma replies; “If he wants to ask me something, he can come and say it to me.”

Housemates play a game of spin the bottle. Jemma was dared to kiss Chad, which she did. Jemma was dared to kiss Sarah, which she did.

Jemma asks Sam to kiss Sarah with tongues. Amelia watches on. Both Sarah and Sam refuse to kiss for the game, leading to Jemma to argue; “You lot f**king play the game then, I won’t play it!” She kicks the table and walks outside. She then shouts to Sarah from the garden; “You’ve got a boyfriend and you’re kissing Chad anyway. Add another one to the list!”

Sarah, Amelia and Chad are in the bedroom talking about the argument. Jordan and Sam walk into the room; “You guys f**king instigated it, and she took it to the next level. You instigated her kissing him, because you thought it would p*ss me off!” Sarah says to Jordan and Sam, talking about Jemma.

Sarah talks to Big Brother in the diary room to talk about Jemma; “She needs to go. Things are going too far with her. She goes, or I do. End of.”

Big Brother makes an announcement to the housemates telling them no more alcohol will be available to the house tonight.


Jordan talks to Sarah; “You need to calm it down with the drink earlier on. Now the whole group aren’t allowed a drink because of what has gone on tonight. You’re ruining everyone’s night, every night.”

Sam and Jordan ask Sarah why she is angry with them. Sarah says, “Why do you think I didn’t save you. It’s obvious you guys are f**king playing some twisted game.”

Sarah goes to the bedroom, upset. Amelia follows her, and Sarah yells telling her to go away.

Big Brother calls Jemma to the diary room, to speak to her about her behaviour in the house as she kicked the table in the living area. Jemma apologises and comments; “Typical me I lost my rag…I did kick the table which I felt stupid doing…I will never raise my fists to a single person in this house.”

Chad walks into the bedroom and into the toilet where Sarah is sat. Sarah tells him; “The only person I feel comfortable around is you, and you don’t want to get involved either.” Kissing noises can be heard from the toilet before Sarah says; “Back in the friend zone.”


Chad and Sarah get close, the pair kiss in Chad’s bed

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs live tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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