Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson's ex-girlfriend speaks out about him and Amelia Lily

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Sam Thompson's ex-girlfriend Tiffany Watson has spoken out about watching him with Amelia Lily on Celebrity Big Brother.

Made In Chelsea's Sam and Tiff went on 'a break' for the summer before Sam entered the house.


He's since struck up a potential romance with X Factor singer Amelia Lily, as Tiff watches on.

Speaking this week, she admitted: "I'll always love Sam. It's so hard to explain. I know a different side to him. When we're not on a break, we're like best friends."

Tiff told OK! Magazine she was surprised by Sam's apparent connection to Amelia.

"I didn't think she was his type," she said. "I've never met her so I can't really judge. But it's not nice to hear, which is why I haven't been watching CBB that much.

"It hurts watching him with Amelia."

In tonight's show, Sam and Amelia's flirting continues.


Helen talks to Big Brother in the diary room about the housemates; “The younger people are looking hungrily around for places to put their testosterone. Samuel, his testosterone is wavering between the Jemma and the Amelia.”

Sam and Jordan later talk about Amelia. Jordan tells Sam: “I thought you were going to get up and kiss her last night.”

Sam replies, “I so nearly did!”

Sam and Amelia then walk aound the garden together.

Sam tells her; “I’m so afraid of f**king something up. I see you as a possible part to my future.”


Amelia responds; “I get excited to wake up in the morning in here because I get to see you.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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