Big Brother 2017 winner Isabelle Warburton reveals her plans for the prize money

Big Brother 2017 winner Isabelle Warburton is hoping to launch a tanning empire.

BBUK's golden girl is hoping to use some of her winnings from the series to open a chain of tanning salons.


“Winning Big Brother opens a lot of doors and what I do with it could be life-changing for sure," Isabelle said last week. “So I’m looking to open a women’s tanning salon, I’m going to embrace what I do best, and that’s tanning!"

The ambitious Big Brother told the Manchester Evening News: "I want to open 20 shops across the UK ultimately. A few tanning brands have been in touch wanting to get involved.

“The first will be in Manchester and we’re looking in the Northern Quarter for sites now.

“I want somewhere where people will walk out and think ‘I look wicked, I feel really good.’”

Isabelle - who won £65,000 of the original £100,000 prize in the latest 'civilian' series of the show - is also planning to share the cash with her family for a holiday and donate some to charity.

“I just think that mental health is really neglected because people don’t see it – so like, a broken leg is given more attention than like something that’s within your head," Isabelle told The Sun newspaper previously “And until you’ve suffered from anxiety or anything along those lines you don’t know how people are feeling and it’s so important to raise awareness."


She added: “I mean I’d never say I’ve struggled with anything severe but I do know people that have and I just think it’s important.”

Meanwhile, Isabelle's fellow former Big Brother housemate Andrew Cruickshanks says he isn't giving Sam Chaloner £5,000 after evicting him and stealing £33,900 of the prize fund as part of a twist in the series.

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