Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news! Trisha leaves, Sarah gets death threats and nominations!

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Here are all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 headlines from the past 24 hours.

Last night's latest episode saw Trisha's exit from the house play out as she huffed off after the latest live show, branding her housemates (and the UK) disgusting as she did so.


Many were glad to see the back of Trisha following her remarks as she took to YouTube to slate the housemates.

Her fans then duly followed their leader and attacked this year's cast online, with Sarah Harding being told to "kill herself" while Amelia, Sam and Paul were also abused.

Elsewhere in the latest episode, Sarah and Chad KISSED before sharing a bed together, prompting claims she had cheated on her 'secret boyfriend.


Meanwhile, as for what happened in the first Trisha-less day in the house itself, housemates woke up to a new task.

Yesterday saw the twelve remaining housemates split up for a new cheerleading challenge - that will impact nominations.

Sarah Harding was captain of the Blue Team and Sandi Bogle was in charge of the Red Team following a vote on the Big Brother App.


The first task for the captains was to pick their squad. As Sarah had the most votes to be leader, she had first pick.

The teams ended up as Sarah with Amelia, Paul, Chad, Brandi & Derek and Sandi with Jordan, Jemma, Sam, Shaun & Helen.

They then took part in a number of challenges, including the favourite with the electric shock suits.

The winning team in the task will be IMMUNE from this week's next nominations.

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Finally, away from Chad and Sarah's blossoming romance, Amelia confessed her feelings for Sam but vowed he would have to be the one to make any move.


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

This evening's episode begins at 9PM.

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