Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas says Sarah Harding 'forced' her out


Trisha Paytas has slammed Sarah Harding again following her Celebrity Big Brother exit.

The walker, who managed to last just 11 days in the house before leaving, has claimed she didn't want to quit but Sarah 'forced' her out of the house.


Trisha's latest comments come after launching a foul attack on Sarah just hours after she left the show on Friday night.

"Sarah f***ing Harding, little f***ing c***y a** b***h," Trisha spat in an online video. "I've got so much f***ing insight and information on her but I'm not going to say it because, they don't expose it but..."

She added in the clip, which has been viewed over 600,000 times since being uploaded: "Sarah Harding is a piece of s**t, she called me a stupid cow, f*** you Sarah Harding who the f*** are you?"

Trisha and Sarah.
Trisha and Sarah.

In a new video, Trisha has again attacked Sarah and the other housemates, accusing them of being 'attention seekers'.

And she claimed "toxic" Sarah forced her to quit: "I didn't want to leave the house and because [Sarah] was the main reason it was toxic for me, I said it, I got everyone prepared I said if Sarah stays here I cannot stay here.

"Either she gets evicted, I get evicted or I self evict and I didn't want to [go]."


Trisha went on to also accuse housemates of bullying her, although her rather weak examples of such behaviour included Paul Danan asking to use 'Please and Thank You'.

The 'celebrity' vlogger concluded that the other housemates were simply "irrelevant".

Following Trisha's attacks on Sarah, the Girls Aloud star has been trolled online - including being sent death threats.

"Kill your self u attention seeking w***e," one of many nasty comments Trisha fans messaged her on Instagram read.

Trisha had previously warned the celebs in the house about her "voice on YouTube".

trisha shaun cbb

"I will go on YouTube and I will f**king talk about you so much and how much of an a**ehole you are," she told Sam Thompson. "Just know that I have a voice on f**king YouTube.


"And guess what, your Instagram will have to be shutdown."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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