Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates get a shock in latest task

shocking task 2

The shock suits have returned for Celebrity Big Brother 2017's latest task.

Yesterday saw the twelve remaining housemates split up for a new cheerleading challenge.


Sarah Harding is captain of the Blue Team and Sandi Bogle is in charge of the Red Team following a vote on the Big Brother App.

The first task for the captains was to pick their squad. As Sarah had the most votes to be leader, she had first pick.

The teams ended up as Sarah with Amelia, Paul, Chad, Brandi & Derek and Sandi with Jordan, Jemma, Sam, Shaun & Helen.

For the second of the day's challenges, housemates took up positions in garden where they had electric shock pads attached.

Big Brother explained: "A good cheerleader must be able to hold their poise and their nerve at all times.


"They must remain positive and enthusiastic regardless of what may be thrown at them."

Big Brother continued: "In your teams, you'll be asked a series of questions about your opposition. The answers to which may be shocking."

Cue a lot of screaming and funny faces as the housemates faced the classic electric shock task which has become a Big Brother staple.

And it's all to play for with nominations immunity up for grabs.

Earlier the two teams had to get dressed up in rival cheerleading outfits before coming up with a unique cheer and routine.

The team that wins the most challenges throughout the task will secure immunity for themselves from the next eviction.

It's not clear yet if there will actually be nominations following the task or if the losing team will simply be automatically up for eviction.


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues Sunday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

The next live eviction airs live on Tuesday at 9PM.

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