Celebrity Big Brother's Sarah Harding told to "kill herself" by Trisha Paytas fans


Celebrity Big Brother's Sarah Harding has been told to "kill herself" by angry fans of Trisha Paytas.

The Girls Aloud star has been attacked with abuse and death threats by fans of the American YouTuber.


Trisha walked out of the house last night after 11 days and took aim at Sarah in a YouTube video shortly after her exit.

"Sarah f***ing Harding, little f***ing c***y a** b***h," Trisha spat. "I've got so much f***ing insight and information on her but I'm not going to say it because, they don't expose it but..."

She added in the clip, which has been viewed over 500,000 times so far: "Sarah Harding is a piece of s**t, she called me a stupid cow, f*** you Sarah Harding who the f*** are you?"

trisha shaun cbb

Trisha's fans quickly followed their leader and attacked Sarah online.

"Kill your self u attention seeking w***e," one messaged her.


"NOBODY F**KING LIKES YOU," another wrote.

"F**k of YOU SKINNY STICK FIGURE," "Dumb b***h. Sarah is is dumb stupid c**t. F**k here and cbb" and "DUMB C**T. ATTENTION SEEKING W***R. SAGGY B***H. #S**T" read more comments,

The abuse continued: "I bet you think your famous right? Well guess what you probably could die and no one would even care."

The death threats follow Trisha threatening the housemates on the show.

When she was in the house, Trisha had told Sam Thompson: "If I watch the show and I find you are f**king fake after these conversations, I will go on YouTube and I will f**king talk about you so much and how much of an a**ehole you are."

sarah abuse

She continued: "So don't f**king be fake and if I watch this back, just know that I have a voice on f**king YouTube.


"And guess what, your Instagram will have to be shutdown."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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