Watch Celebrity Big Brother's Trisha Paytas audition for America's Got Talent

Here's one of Celebrity Big Brother's Trisha Paytas first times on TV, auditioning for America's Got Talent.

On last night's show, Trisha spoke about her music career and shocked Chad Johnson by revealing she had seven(!) albums out and a number of music videos.


But what Trisha didn't say is that she has performed for America's Got Talent back in 2012.

In her audition, Trisha walks out on stage in a tight pink dress as the judges remark: "You look like you work in Vegas."

Trisha - or "Trish like Fish" as she introduces herself - insists she's not a stripper or a pornstar but rather "loves Jesus".

Saying she's a "computer programmer", Trish(a) tells the panel: "I talk really fast and I'm a rapper"

Trisha then raps but is buzzed off by the judges and booed by the audience.


Sharon Osbourne said: "I couldn't understand anything you were saying because it was that quick."

Told her performance was "just annoying", Trisha then confessed she was only the show to meet judge Howard Stern.

And while Howard gave Trisha a rather biased yes through to the next round, it wasn't enough to see her make it past the first audition stages.

In Celebrity Big Brother, Trisha has survived the first round but is once again up for eviction for Friday''s second public vote.

Trisha fumed big time over the result in yesterday's episode, seen in tears to Helen in the bedroom.

She then ranted to Chad about Sarah Harding who has also been nominated, branding her a "c**t".

"She is a dog, she's a f**king dog and a sl*t," Trisha spat.

While Chad showed some sympathy to Sarah, Trisha went on: "I hope Sarah goes, she's fake, I can't wait to she goes. She's a fake f**king person, everything is about her.


"I'd rather leave than be in a house with someone like her because she's the one I can't f**king stand."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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