Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas rips into "c**t" Sarah Harding

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Trisha Paytas branded Sarah Harding a "c**t" in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nomination results were revealed in tonight's show with four housemates up for eviction this week.


Sarah had 7 nominations, Karthik had six nominations, Chad had 4 votes and Trisha 3.

Therefore Karthik, Trisha, Chad and Sarah are all up for eviction this week.

In addition, Brandi, Helen and Paul each had two nominations and Jemma one.

Sandi, Derek, Shaun, Sam, Amelia and Jordan had no nominations.

The results shocked the house with the same four housemates up for eviction as last time, minus previously evicted Marissa Jade, of course.


Trisha fumed big time over the result, in tears to Helen in the bedroom.

She then ranted to Chad about Sarah, branding her a "c**t".

"She is a dog, she's a f**king dog and a sl*t," Trisha spat.

While Chad showed some sympathy to Sarah, Trisha went on: "I hope Sarah goes, she's fake, I can't wait to she goes. She's a fake f**king person, everything is about her.

"I'd rather leave than be in a house with someone like her because she's the one I can't f**king stand."

The outburst follows lots of tears and rows involving Sarah which again continued in tonight's show.

Paul was upset by a comment that Brandi told him Sarah had apparently made about him taking pills and he confronted her about it in the garden.


It led to the pair kicking off at one another in the latest argument to rock the house.


And then Jemma also got involved after Sarah branded Paul "f**ked up".

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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