Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson given official warning for 'unacceptable behaviour'


Sam Thompson has been given an official warning in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house.

The Made In Chelsea star was told off by Big Brother bosses after getting a bit too close to Jemma Lucy and "playfully flicking her nipple" in tonight's show.


The scenes will air in tonight's latest highlights episode at 9PM on Channel 5.

In the latest episode, Jemma tries one of Trisha’s revealing dresses, which has her breasts on show.

Sam walks into the bedroom and says: “What are you wearing? Oh look at those tits!”


He then decided it would be a good idea to start "playfully flicking her nipple" despite Jemma's protests

Big Brother called Jemma to the diary room and she insisted it was "absolutely fine."

She added: "It was just a joke, I don't take offense to it at all."


However, Big Brother still gave Sam a warning in the diary room for his invasive and unacceptable behaviour

"As a result of your conduct, Big Brother is now giving you a formal and final warning," Big Brother said, "If Big Brother has to speak to you again... you may be removed from the house."

Elsewhere in tonight's show and after the 'nipple flicking incident', Jemma spoke to Sam and Amelia about their on-going flirting in the house.

Sam told the girls; “the week after I came back from Ibiza, was a hard week”, talking about his recent split outside of the house with fellow Made In Chelsea star Tiffany Watson.

Amelia told him: “I don’t want to be anyone’s rebound”.

Amelia and Sam.
Amelia and Sam.

Sam replied: “I didn’t come here expecting to meet anyone. There is a bit more to it, obviously, for me. I’m also aware that I have come out of a relationship very recently."


The X Factor singer added: "I’m wary that I don’t want to f**k anything up in this sh*t, weird place. I don’t want a ‘show-mance’ or anything like that. I would quite like to take you for a drink afterwards. ”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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