Celebrity Big Brother 2017 EXPLODES with huge row between Jemma Lucy and Sarah Harding

The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates exploded in a big row last night.

Sarah Harding was feeling excluded from the group, Jordan Davies tried to find out why, and Jemma Lucy took things personal.


The result was the biggest row of the series so far.

It started with Sarah claiming that she and Chad Johnson were feeling 'isolated' from some of the housemates.

She explained: "I feel like there's three different groups of us. 'Cause you guys have got loads of energy and then there's us who are like in the middle who've never been around loads of people for a while..."

Jemma snapped: "No ones been around loads of people though, Sarah. You keep thinking you're different to everyone else.

"Why are you having a go now?" asked Sarah.


Jemma protested: "I'm not, you've, Jordan is my friend and you've said to he..."

Sarah interrupted: "Why are you ganging up on me now?"

Jordan then piped up: "Can I just.. I'm not gonna bother talking, do you know what I mean? F**king hell, I'm just trying to explain myself and no one is letting me f**king talk!"

"You've made it out to Jordan that..." Jemma continued.

Sarah asked: "Why are you talking to me when it's his problem?"

Jordan then spoke up again: "Jesus Christ, no one is letting me now no one is letting ME talk."

Sarah remarked: "It's just there's people s**t stirring."

"No ones letting me talk so what's the f**king point," Jordan said.


"'cause you're too busy talking Jem," Sarah commented.

"F**k off you little b***h, man," Jemma retorted, "You're so f**king negative."

"Why are you diving in like a f**king ****?" Sarah asked. "She's being a ****."

Jemma reacted: "Now the pretty girl comes out with the naughty words, I thought you were a little sweet innocent girl."


Sarah replied: "I am when I've not got b***y people around me like you. You're a two faced little b***h."

Jordan tried to calm down the intensifying fight: "There's no need for this, it's getting nasty now. "

"You little s**g," Jemma spat.


"Really? I don't shag on TV for a living," Sarah replied.

The row and fallout will air in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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