Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jemma Lucy breaks down in tears

Jemma Lucy has broken down in tears on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The model and reality star had a cry in the bathroom yesterday following tension between her and 'Jam', aka Jordan Davies and Sam Thompson.


Apparently upset that the guys don't treat her the same as some of the other housemates, Jemma complained: "They never say 'Oh we're just joking' or anything afterwards. They're just like, 'cause I always go 'Okay they're gonna be like oh they're joking' but it's not, it's not a joke to me."

Speaking to Brandi Glanville, Jemma went on: "I just care about them and I know it sounds so beggy but I want them to be my friend but I'm not desperate but I just naturally am friends with them.

"And it's like constant 'Just go away, you're not part of the crew', 'You're not part of us', 'You're this', 'We prefer Trisha over you'"

Brandi advised Jemma to brush off the comment as just "banter.

"I don't understand why because I've told them I don't like it," Jemma replied.


Brandi said: "You obviously connect with them out of the younger people the most and it's so obvious but it's like they're abusing their power almost...

"But then it's almost like you're asking for it so it's hard to say what the alternative is, like what do you do? I'm not sure."

She continued: "But just because I'm open about, like, my friendship with them and like, that I love them, love being with them and stuff does that give them the ticket to abuse it?"

Jemma then began to cry: "I never, ever, feel like this... annoying.

"I just feel really s**t today."

"I feel the same way babe," Brandi told her as the pair hugged.


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs tonight at 9PM.

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