Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Amelia Lily says her love triangle isn't a love triangle


Amelia Lily has been going on about her Celebrity Big Brother 2017 love triangle again.

Which she says isn't actually a love triangle at all.


The X Factor star and West End performer has been linked to both Sam Thompson and Chad Johnson in her first week inside the CBB house.

And both the guys have said they do feel a connection with the singer.

In the house tonight (Wednesday), Amelia told Jemma Lucy of her view on things: "I love Chad but I think I get on with Sam more.

"I bond more with Sam."

"He's more bondable," agreed Jemma.

Amelia continued: "Neither of them like me, they've put me in this love triangle but there's no love triangle.


"Sam's been winding me up from the start, he's winding everyone up."

Yesterday, Paul Danan was once again there trying to play cupid for Amelia.

In last night's show, Amelia and Paul were on the sofa, talking about Amelia’s love life. “Sam has just got out of a relationship…” Amelia said.

Paul responded; “So have you. Rebound isn’t it! You’re both rebounders so it equals out.”

Meanwhile, the first eviction of the series on Tuesday night ended the house's other potential romance as Marissa Jade was given the boot


In the aftermath, Paul suggested she may have been evicted for trying to instigate a 'showmance' with Jordan Davies.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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