Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam Thompson gives Trisha Paytas a lap dance

Sam Thompson gave Trisha Paytas a lap dance in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house today.

The Made In Chelsea star decided to show off his moves as the YouTuber sat on the sofa.


"Chad's got nothing on me!" Sam declared. "It'll get more down and dirty later."

Rather like Sam's bum in his lap dance, Sam and Trisha's relationship in the house has been rather up and down over the first week.

The pair clashed within hours of entering but recently made up - following a harsh warning from Trisha to Sam.

In a chat in the living area, Trisha threatened the reality star that she'd ruin his social media accounts if she found out he had been fake to her in the house.

"If I watch the show and I find you are f**king fake after these conversations, I will go on YouTube and I will f**king talk about you so much and how much of an a**ehole you are," Trisha stated.


Sam reacted: "I wouldn't like that."

"So don't f**king be fake," Trisha continued, "And if I watch this back, just know that I have a voice on f**king YouTube and guess what, your Instagram will have to be shutdown. "

She explained: "Every boyfriend I've ever had has had to shut their Instagram down from hate comments every single one of them.

"So don't be f**king fake is what I'm saying.

"If you have a problem with me in future just tell me but if I hear you like me down here [in the house] and you go up there [in the Diary Room] and say 'F**k Trisha'..."

Trisha then concluded: "You and Jordan [Davies] are on a clean slate."


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The next episode airs Wednesday night at 9PM.

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