Secrets of Channel 4's Eden revealed by former contestants

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Channel 4's Eden concludes tonight a year after the series was last aired on TV.

Eden was an ambitious social experiment that began in March 2016, when 23 people with varying skills were shipped to the remote Ardnamurchan peninsula in Scotland.


They were challenged to build their own society from scratch over the course of a year but only four episodes aired last summer with the show off our screens since August 2016.

Filming wrapped up after 12 months back in March of 2017 when the contestants discovered that the show had been off air for seven months.

Now we're finally going to see what happened next with Eden back on screens airing nightly across the week at 10PM from Monday, August 7 on Channel 4.


Contestants who took part have been spilling the beans with claims of bullying and sexism between the participants.

Anton Wright, who last it out to the end, said: "I was very shocked with some behaviour in there. There was little cliques that formed and there’s a lot of talk about it being sexism and all this. I don’t think it was sexism I think it was bullying."


But he also confessed: “The behaviour at times was embarrassing, as a male, to watch. It’s very concerning to me to be tarred with the same brush as some of the men.

“If you get a group of boys together — I’ve played rugby, with locker-room talk — it happens, but there’s a time and a place for it. Sometimes I wonder if they realised they were being filmed 24/7.”

Katie Tunn claimed there was a conspiracy to get the girls out.

She told The Sun newspaper: “In the initial stages of ‘operation get the girls out’ or ‘Operation C***’, it was, ‘Get them out then we’ll have more food’.

“But at the end we actually had food left over. I know for a fact the men called it ‘Operation C***’."

Meanwhile, fellow contestant Caroline revealed that at times food proved to be a real struggle.


“I was really, really hungry. I got very bony," she said. “A lot of the girls, their periods stopped.”

And Caroline even recalled: “I did worry at one point when the women started shaving their heads. I think that’s a sign that somebody is not quite right.


“Kind of what Britney Spears did when she had her mental breakdown.”

Eden: A Paradise Lost? Airs Monday-Friday all this week at 10PM on Channel 4.

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