Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoiler! Five housemates face the first eviction

Who's up for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother?

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Five housemates face eviction from Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Marissa Jade, Karthik Nagesan, Trisha Paytas, Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson are all up for the first eviction from the series.


One of the five will leave the house in Tuesday night's live show following a public vote, which will open at the end of Monday night's show.

On Friday a new Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations twist was revealed for the weekend.

Over two days, the housemates minus Marissa - who was put up for eviction in a launch night twist - took part in a number of tasks in order to win membership to 'Big Brother's Private Members' Club'.

Those who made it into Big Brother's Private Members' Club became IMMUNE from eviction and enjoyed a life of luxury in the house.

By the end of Sunday night, those who didn't have membership to Big Brother's club were automatically put up for eviction alongside Marissa, as well as having to live on basic rations.


In the first task Helen, Paul and Derek all won membership to the club and therefore immunity from eviction.

In tonight's (Sunday) episode, Brandi, Sam and Shaun won immunity while Trisha gave up on the task and put herself up for eviction.

In the final task, to be aired on Monday, Amelia, Sandi, Jemma and Jordan won immunity.

That left Sarah, Chad and Karthik as non-members of Big Brother's members' club and facing eviction alongside Marissa and Trisha.

Are you happy with the first round of nomination results? Who do you want to go? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @tellymix!


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs at 9PM on Monday night while the first eviction takes place live on Tuesday.

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