Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Chad Johnson reveals feelings for Amelia Lily


Chad Johnson has revealed his feelings for Amelia Lily on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

In scenes reminiscent of a school playground, Chad confessed that he 'likes' Amelia after hearing that she 'likes' Sam Thompson.


Amelia however insisted to Chad: "No I don't like anyone in here! I don't like anybody in that way. I didn't come in here looking for love or anything."

Chad told her: "I didn't either I just came into live but they [the other housemates] set it up and I was like that'd be really cool. I made it really simple, that's all I can say. Just click them back off."

"Click what back off?" asked a puzzled Amelia.

"Emotions," Chad explained. "I can shut it off any time."

"So what, you like me? Is that what you're saying?" Amelia quizzed a shrugging Chad. "You're not telling me, I'm not a mind reader."


"Yes," Chad finally admitted, "Yes I like you. I want to hang out.... And off, it's off now. Cool."

The latest scenes that air tonight follow last night's episode where the love triangle between Sam, Chad and Amelia first emerged.

In yesterday evening's episode, Chad was measuring his bi-ceps when he and Amelia first got flirty.

Later, Brandi spoke to Sam and Amelia in the living room and told her “He [Sam] is jealous that, even the fact you would say that Chad is attractive. You know when something bothers you, you wind people up about it. It’s because he likes you”.

Sam then told Amelia: “I feel like we’ve got the best connection in here, but having said that, we are only three days in. There’s an initial (attraction), that’s why I said I would kiss Amelia, there’s an attraction, she’s a really cool girl”.

Amelia reacted: “I’m so embarrassed, I’m really flattered actually, you’ve actually got balls Sam to say that”.


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The latest episode airs this evening at 9PM.

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