Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers! More housemates win immunity from eviction

The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates faced a game of endurance for immunity in the house yesterday.

On Friday a new Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations twist was revealed for the weekend.


Over two days, the housemates minus already nominated Marissa will take part in a number of tasks in order to win membership to 'Big Brother's Private Members' Club'.

Those who make it into Big Brother's Private Members' Club will be IMMUNE from eviction and enjoy a life of luxury in the house.

By the end of Sunday night, those who don't have membership to Big Brother's club will be automatically put up for eviction alongside Marissa, as well as having to live on basic rations.

In the first task shown last night, Helen, Paul and Derek all won membership to the club and therefore immunity from eviction.

In tonight's (Sunday) episode, the remaining housemates took part in a new task.


Each housemate had to pick a random star to stand under.

"Housemates, each star contains a gift. Some stars contain membership and therefore immunity," Big Brother explained. "In order to win what your star contains, you must stand on your marker ready to catch it when it falls."

Housemates then head to stand ready to pounce whenever the star above them fell.

Amelia was first to catch hers but there was no immunity - only an offer for a romantic dinner for two, how lucky...

Shaun, Sam and Brandi all catch their stars and won IMMUNITY.

Trisha's star was next to fall but she FAILED to catch it, losing whatever was inside.


The full results of the latest task will air in this evening's highlights on Channel 5 from 9PM.

But before then you can get a taster with the video above.

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