Celebrity Big Brother 'race row' splits viewers as Paul and Karthik argue


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 viewers have been split over who was in the right in last night's 'race row'.

Last night's saw Paul Danan and Karthik Nagesan clash after Paul mispronounced Karthik's name as a 'joke'


"Are you being racist," Karthik asked Paul before things got heated

"Don't call me racist! What a f**king d**k. What the f**k?!" Paul reacted.

He added: "All of a sudden the cider's kicked in and he's getting aggressive."

Later the pair later had it out in the smoking area as Paul defended his original remark as a 'joke'.

"Don't ever play the racist card with me," Paul declared.


Karthik then said his comment about Paul being 'racist' was also a 'joke'.

Karthik later spoke in the diary room and says “Paul was calling me by the name of a middle eastern airline and I’ve not taken anything seriously, it’s fine, he was just joking. And I was joking back, 'Oh you're a racist'."

Viewers were rather split over who was in the right.

One posted: "It's pathetic that Paul can't get Karthik's name right and it kinda does boil down to implicit racism. #CBB"

"How can Paul call Karthik a d**k when he was taking the piss out of his name #CBB #CBBUK," wrote another BB fan.

But others felt Paul was in the right.

One said: "I agree with Paul, Karthik went too far accusing of him being racist #CBB"

"That's so wrong of Karthik to call Paul racist for getting his name wrong! Racist is a strong word #CBB," a second agreed.


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Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

The next episode airs Sunday night at 9PM.

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