Big Brother's Kayleigh Morris and Ellie Young in a night club fight

Big Brother 2017 housemates Kayleigh Morris and Ellie Young got into a night club bust up over the weekend.

And following their row in person, they took to Twitter to continue the argument over the internet for all to see.


It all began in the early hours of Saturday following their night out when Ellie tweeted: "When @Kmorrisx comes up to tell me how disgusting I am. Some friend she is."

Kayleigh hit back, accusing Ellie of taking drugs an branded her a "COKE W***E".

"I don't need to lie," Kayleigh then tweeted in a series of now deleted messages. "Fed up of ppl thinking she's some angel. Calls me vile mouthed.

"After what I witnessed tonight she's worse or jus as bad.[sic]"

Speaking to the Daily Star, a rep for Ellie said: "I can confirm that Ellie does not take any illegal substances of any kind. A big group went out to Vibez nightclub on Friday night and there was an issue with Kayleigh.

"Due to alcohol things became heated and the girls were very nasty to one another."

Ellie added: "Under no circumstances do I touch drugs or have ever and never will."

However Kayleigh told the tabloid: "I was stone cold sober. I had no drink. But she started the argument and her entourage ganged up on me..


"Ellie claimed I got bullied when I was young because I was a c***, so I personally attacked her with my knowledge.

"She has apologised and owned up to starting the feud hence why I can be the better person and erase the tweets."

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