Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Trisha Paytas really wants a boyfriend


Celebrity Big Brother's Trisha Paytas has revealed she really wants to find a boyfriend.

However none of the housemates currently catch her eye.


"I don't like people but I'm always in, like relationships," Trisha told Paul Danan in the house yesterday. "Like I always need like a boyfriend. It's having that someone."

Discussing her past relationships, Trisha continued: "I date nice guys, I date ugly guys, I date like any kind of guys.

"Guys like that are out of my league or I'm out of their league or whatever and they still cheat on me, like what is wrong with me."

While love is not yet in the air for Trisha, it may be for Jordan Davies and Marissa Jade.

In tonight's show, Jordan and Marissa are talking in the smoking area and she tells him “I like a man who knows what he wants”, Jordan responds “I know what I want”, she says “What do you want?” and he replies “She’s sat next to me”.

Later, Jordan is in the living room with some of the housemates and says to Marissa, “Would you try something?” and holds her hand, he says “it just feels right doesn’t it”.

Marissa says to him “Does it feel right to you?” and he agrees “oh it does to me, does it feel right to you?”, Marissa says “for the moment until you move onto the next chick”.


Sam and Paul see Jordan and Marissa getting closer on the sofas and he names them ‘Jarissa’.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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