Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Karthik Nagesan tells Sarah Harding to "go get pretty"

Karthik Nagesan has been slammed by Celebrity Big Brother viewers for telling Sarah Harding to "go get pretty".

Last night's latest show saw the former candidate on The Apprentice tell Girls Aloud star Sarah to "get pretty and come outside" rather than spending time in her dressing gown without make up.


Sarah was taken aback by the comment before telling Karthik she was happy to just chill out around the house.

However X Factor singer - and Sarah's new BFF since their duet - Amelia Lily was rather less impressed.

"I can't believe you said that to her," she replied.

It's fair to say that viewers were even harsher in their responses to the exchange.

"Karthik reminds me of one of those random creeps who message you "show bobs;)" one tweeted.

Another commented: "Did Karthik really just tell Sarah to 'go and get pretty'? Why am I watching such misogynistic bulls**t wtf it's literally constant 🙄 #cbb"


A third posted to Twitter: "& that monobrow guy telling Sarah to go "get pretty" just cause she's chilling w no makeup has some nerve. what an asshole thing to say #cbb"

And a fourth concluded: "As if Karthik just told a woman to "go and get yourself pretty and then come back outside" WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEN IN THAT HOUSE? #CBBUK #cbb"

The latest incident followed some housemates being branded hypocritical after a task in last night's show where the cast's 'secrets' were revealed.

In one, Trisha Paytas's story of spending a night with an American sports star was describing as "w***** herself out" by Paul Danan while some of the other housemates were shocked.


But in another round, Jordan Davies boasted about bedding 1,500 women and fans noticed the claim didn't get quite the same reaction.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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