Celebrity Big Brother: Amelia Lily gets very close to Marissa Jade

It seems it's not just Chad Johnson that Amelia Lily is crushing on in Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Last night in the house The X Factor singer got VERY close and personal with Marissa Jade as the couple felt up one another's bodies.


"Look if I was really fake would I be able to do that," Marissa asked Amelia as she felt her boobs.

"Wow!" Amelia reacted.

"It's all my meat, it's all me," Marissa told her.

Amelia praised: "You've literally got the best figure ever. You've got a good ass, you've got good tits."

Marissa continued: "I mean it's like, I'll get it a little bit better. My mum for an Asian, was a D all her life. And she's natural.


"And my Italian side is even bigger."

Amelia continued: "Your figure is just unbelievable. Like it really just makes me like, love it."

"Aww, thanks. Makes me feel better," replied Marissa. "I think if I had a personal trainer I think it would be so on point."

"I'm so jealous," Amelia concluded.

Marissa went on to say that she only gained 32 pounds during her pregnancy and lost all the weight within a month.

"I feel if I ever fell pregnant I'd look like Free Willy," Amelia quipped.


"You'd be more bottom heavy, your butt that's a good thing, it's good to have meat down there!" Marissa encouraged her.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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