This reality star says he's 'too famous' to get a job (but no one knows who he is)

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A reality star has claimed he's 'too famous' to get a job but no one knows who he is.

Grant Coulson claims that due to his appearances on reality TV shows, he's now too famous to get a job.


Added to that, he'd like to get his teeth fixed all at the taxpayers expense. So is Grant really that well known or is he just being a little bit lazy?

Well viewers definitely had their minds made up.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Rylan Clark-Neal introduced Grant: "You were in one episode of Geordie Shore spin-off Super Shore and then you were on a naked dating show called Undressed on TLC.

"And from that you get recognised pretty much everywhere you go in Newcastle."

Grant claims he is "recognised straight away" but no one watching seemed to have a clue who he is.


Grant went on to say he was hoping to do more reality TV work including presenting.

"So you're after my job?" quipped Rylan.

The one-time Geordie Shore (spin-off) star also said that appearing on TV had made him more self conscious after comments about his appearance on social media.

He explained: "On social media they were saying, 'look at his hair, he's got fake hair, and his teeth', and it's made us feel a bit more self conscious."

On Twitter, no one seemed to have much sympathy.

"Grant Coulson is everything that's wrong with the Millennial generation. Get a job. #ThisMorning," one commented.


Another agreed: "He's just too lazy to work not too famous I guarantee if you asked the population of Newcastle they'd have no clue who he is #thismorning"

This Morning airs week days on ITV.

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