Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Amelia Lily LICKS Chad Johnson in game of truth or dare

amelia lily chad

Amelia Lily LICKED Chad Johnson in a game of truth or dare on Celebrity Big Brother yesterday.

It began when the seemingly VERY bored housemates played a game of 'catch the lemon'.


Those who dropped the lemon had to do a dare, which included putting a teabag in your mouth for five minutes.

Brandi Glanville was dared to jump in the pool with her clothes on and when Amelia dropped the lemon, housemates had a bit of fun with her.

"It's gotta be something to do with Chad," Jordan Davies suggested.

Paul Danan dared Amelia: "Grab him, lick his cheek and go 'military babies' and then run off"

With Chad in the garden unawares of the game, he was quickly left surprised by Amelia licking his face.


"What the f**k did you all do?!" he reacted.

"I'm so sorry Chad, I'm sorry, they made me do it, I'm so sorry,"

Elsewhere in the house yesterday, Amelia Lily got flirty with Chad Johnson after a few drinks.

"I'm pretty sure all the girls think you're a very handsome man, Chad," she told him. "I know my mum is probably sitting at home you're very attractive. I'm just being honest."

Paul teased: "I'm very lucky to be sleeping next to him. Getting back to you two, I think that there is magic and if it happens, it happens, alright, that's all I'm saying.

"I think it's beautiful and let's be honest about it."


But later the former X Factor singer insisted she didn't fancy the American hunk from The Bachelorette, with revelations she actually had a closer connection with Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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