Celebrity Big Brother contestants forced to turn on each other in brutal twist

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The Celebrity big Brother 2017 housemates were forced to turn on one another in the house yesterday.

A new Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations twist was yesterday revealed and things got off to a brutal start.


Over the weekend the housemates minus already nominated Marissa Jade will take part in a number of tasks in order to win membership to 'Big Brother's Private Members' Club'.

Those who make it into Big Brother's Private Members' Club will be IMMUNE from eviction and enjoy a life of luxury in the house.

And by the end of Sunday night, those who don't have membership to Big Brother's club will be automatically put up for eviction alongside Marissa, as well as having to live on basic rations.

In the first task, Big Brother gathered the group at the membership clubhouse where housemates found pictures of themselves.

Big Brother explained: "Shortly, you will individually pick one housemate each whose membership you would like to revoke.


"The task will end when three housemates' pictures are left standing. These will be the first three members of Big Brother's Private Members' Club."

As she was already nominated, Marissa could not be picked but did pick another housemate to take out of the task.

"This may seem like its a personal thing but it's not," said Trisha Paytas as she made her decision.

"I got a massive bond with like basically everyone in the house so..." said Sam Thompson.

Amelia Lily fretted: "I actually don't know. I don't know I don't have a problem with anybody in here. I don't have a reason..."

After the task Big Brother revealed: "Paul, Helen and Derek. Congratulations, you are the first three members of Big brother's private Members club.


Marissa plus the non-members left at the end of the weekend will face the public vote which based on past CBBs will be a Vote To Save.


The first Celebrity Big Brother eviction airs on Tuesday, August 8 from 9PM live on Channel 5 with host Emma Willis.

You can watch the highlights and fallout of the first task when Celebrity Big Brother next airs tonight at 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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