Celebrity Big Brother fans slam hypocritical housemates over sex stories


Celebrity Big Brother fans have slammed hypocritical housemates after tonight's latest show.

In a new task, housemates' secrets were revealed.


Split into teams, housemates had to guess which secret belonged to which member of the other team.

In one round, the secret was which housemate had been paid £70,000 to spend the night with an NBA player.

The story belonged to Trisha Paytas with the story branded "w***** herself out" by Paul Danan while some of the other housemates were shocked.

In another round, Jordan Davies boasted about bedding 1,500 women and fans noticed the claim didn't get quite the same reaction.

One posted to Twitter: "trisha admits shes been paid for sex once and shes called a whore, but jordan says he's slept with over 1,000 girls and it's fine ‍♀️ #cbb"

Another tweeted: "Jordan shook his head at Trisha for the whole escort thing yet it's ok for him to sleep with 1500 women? Ugh idiot #CBB #CBBUK"

A third added: "Trisha isn't overreacting, she literally just got judged, mocked and laughed at for being a prostituite while Jordan got praised #CBB #CBBUK"

And a fourth concluded: "Jordan gets praised for sleeping with tons of women but Trisha gets trashed for sleeping a with an NBA player double standards #cbb"


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Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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