Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Amelia Lily gets flirty with Chad Johnson

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A tipsy Amelia Lily has been getting flirty with Chad Johnson on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

And Paul Danan has been playing cupid between the pair.


In the house tonight, a giddy Amelia sat on the end of Chad's bed and raved about his rugged good looks.

"I'm pretty sure all the girls think you're a very handsome man, Chad," she said. "I know my mum is probably sitting at home you're very attractive. I'm just being honest."

Paul commented: "I'm very lucky to be sleeping next to him.

"Getting back to you two, I think that there is magic and if it happens, it happens, alright, that's all I'm saying.

"I think it's beautiful and let's be honest about it."


"Stop it," giggled Amelia, "You don't mean any of this, you're just chatting s**t."

Paul replied: "Let's see, let's just wait and see."

"Not being funny Chad, but I bet you're a massive player," Amelia said.

But Paul was quick to defend his mate.

"He's not a player, if he likes someone he sticks with them. He's not going to mess my mate over," said Paul, as if he had known Chad for years and not days.

Online and CBB fans begged Amelia to keep clear.

"Chad is annoying Amelia needs to stay away," one wrote.

No doubt feeling similar will be Brandi Glanville who tonight called Chad a "chauvinistic pig" in the latest episode.


Discussing her fellow housemates with Big Brother, Brandi said: “Clearly Chad is an idiot. He’s a male chauvinistic pig. He’s just a tool”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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