''Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Christmas special is gobsmacking'' promises Thelma Madine

Big Fat Gypsy WeddingsDress designer and star of C4 hit show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Thelma Madine has promised that the Christmas special of the documentary series will be ''gobsmacking''. In an exclusive interview with showbiz and entertainment website Digital Spy, Thelma revealed that the special due to air later this year will be even more shocking than any of the others.

Thelma who regularly appears in the documentary which explores the culture and lives of the travelling community promised in the interview that the festive special is really going to have everyone talking. The specials will see 13 different weddings in one small village completely inhabited by travellers.

Speaking to the website, she said: ''The one at Christmas is just on another scale. It's unbelievable.  It's some travellers in a little village that I didn't know anything about and it's a whole new side to things. This little village in Ireland is completely owned by travellers, the whole village, and there will be 13 weddings in a Christmas week.''

''They are not there all year, they just come home for six weeks of the year to have their celebrations, weddings, christenings and things like that. It's just unbelievable. It's totally gobsmacking. It will be good viewing.''

Speaking about the show's BAFTA Nomination in the 'YouTube Audience Award' alongside shows such as The Only Way is Essex and Downton Abbey, Thelma will be disappointed if it doesn't win. She revealed: ''You know all that being a lady and clapping the other people who win, I can't do that. If we don't win, I can't hide it. The show is not like some of the others where they are all willing and on camera, this was so, so much hard work.

She added: ''They'd do a whole two months of filming with someone and they'd then pull out at the last minute. It was so difficult....It was so hard and I think for these other shows, they just act, don't they. This was really, really hard. There were tears and directors crying. They deserve to win, I think.''

The Bafta Awards will be held in London on Sunday. The show will be broadcast at 8pm on Sunday night on BBC One. Big Fat Gypsy Weddings will air later this year on C4. Good luck to all shows competing for a BAFTA!

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