Paul Danan was sacked from panto after swearing in front of a crowd

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Celebrity Big Brother housemate Paul Danan was sacked from panto after swearing in front of a crowd.

The former Celebrity Love Island contestant made the confession in the house yesterday as part of a task.


Paul revealed how he had told an audience of families at a Christmas light switch on: "Come on you motherf***ers!" in a bid to get them cheering.

Paul blamed the gaffe on having had a few glasses of wine before the gig.

Not only did it leave Paul losing his role of Jack in Jack And The Beanstalk but he was also issued an £80 on-the-spot police fine for the public outburst.


At the time, Paul said: "I got a bit excited and wanted to get the crowd warmed up and accidentally swore.

"I feel really awful about it. I didn’t realise there were some kids out there."

Paul's past came to light when the CBB housemates yesterday took part in an ice breaking task to get to know one another better.


Big Brother invited the group to its newly installed Champagne Bar, aka the garden next door.

Housemates split themselves into teams before Big Brother explained: "One at a time, the teams will sit in the VIP Area opposite you. The other team will be watching on."

"On the bar are a number of black and gold champagne bottles. "Each champagne label will tell a story about one of the housemates in the VIP Area.

"On Big Brother's instruction, each team will work their way along the bar and guess which housemates they think each label is about.


"If you have guessed correctly, the housemate will receive their champagne from the tube over their head and they must then explain themselves."


Of course there wasn't actually any real champagne, with housemates not only having embarrassing secrets revealed but also getting covered in gunge in the process.

The next CBB episode airs at 9PM on Channel 5.

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